Helpful Hints

Cable, Internet & Home phone

For internet, cable, and home phone, check to see if your building is serviced by either Time Warner, Verizon or both. Sometimes you are able to set up service online, if not you can either go to a store location or contact the customer service phone line. Other providers may be available in your area, we are only providing info for your reference of the most commonly used providers.

  • Time Warner Cable
    Phone: 1.855.892.1002

  • Verizon
    Phone: 1.800.837.4966

  • Gas & Electric

    Conedison is the gas and electric utility company for NYC. They may request a copy of your lease to set up service, so be sure to have one when setting up your utilities.

  • Conedison
    Phone: 1.800.752.6633